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Judo Gold at Goltz

Judo Gold at Goltz

5 of my students competed in Claremont at Goltz Tournament. We came home with 4 gold medals and 1 silver. Bravo!


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Judo in Barstow

Hotter than in hell, but we fought well. Aron got a Silver, Giovanni got his 3rd straight Gold in three tournaments and Gerry captured Bronze in a very tough black belt division.

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Judo Gold

We have had tournaments the last two weeks in a row. The new generation of Hollywood Judo talent is crushing the competition! Last week we received 3 gold and 2 silver medals from 5 guys competing. This past weekend we received 2 Gold and 1 silver from 3 guys competing.

In the photo Giovanni and Max, both first time competitors, have won every single match in the last 2 weeks. Some wins have been as fast as 15 seconds. They have been training very hard and it is paying off. I’m very proud!

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