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I spoke in Italian and French


During our childhood we get our first lessons about life from our parents. Little do we then know what enormous impact these few years have on the rest of our lives. I have changed country many times and I now live since many years in California. I had never been able to survive or establish myself in life if it had not been for the fundamental values that my parents instilled in me.

My Father was intelligent, kind, humble, and the most honest human being I’ve ever known. He possessed qualities that are rare in today’s world. I never heard anyone say anything bad about my Father. Everybody liked him. He had a heart of gold.

My Mother took care of my Father up to the very end, in an admirable and loving way. I also want to thank my aunt Janine for always being there. The nurse, Melissa, you are our Gardian Angel. You even came on your scooter in pouring rain at 3 in the morning, to rescue my dad and to prolong his life. We couldn’t have done without you.

My Father is now not suffering anymore and we can only hope that he is in a better place, in a world somewhere else. I want to thank you all for coming today. He would have been very touched to see you all here together, to say your goodbyes. May he rest in peace.


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Nice, France – a Family Reunion

I went to Nice, France, for a week to visit my parents Piero and Sylvia Morotti. They have been married for 54 years, and they settled down in Nice about a decade ago. My father is fighting a hard battle with cancer, and my mother is taking great care of him.Nice 1Relatives that I hadn’t seen in years flew in and we spent an emotional and fun time together, sharing memories from the past. It seemed as if time had stood still. From the left; my uncle Claude Brovelli, my niece Federica di Serego Alighieri, my Mother, my cousin Michaela Bohle, my aunt Janine Bohle.
Nice 2My cousin’s fiance Giacomo Revelli, my cousin Ina di Serego Alighieri and Me.Nice 3

And here is Ina’s pet. Half cat- half Panter. his name is Orso and he is the sweetest thing. Just don’t get him mad.
Nice 4

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