Meeting Jose Feliciano

I attended a fundraiser to promote awareness for animal cruelty at Sam Simon’s house, the creator of the Simpsons. Jose was the performer for the evening and I got to meet and talk to the man who’s music I have followed and admired since I was a kid.


Nice France

I’m visiting family and friends for a week. And my mother is about to turn 85.Nice France


US Judo Masters Gig

Sensei Bo Svenson was hired to be Chairman and the Manager of the USA Masters Judo Team and Program, which consists of Judo fighters over the age of 30.

I have been asked and I accepted the position of USA Judo Masters Coach. I will be in charge of the Southwest Region, which includes Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah.

I am excited and looking forward to this opportunity to inspire great Judo Masters across the USA. I will host the very first training camp the weekend of September 22nd -23rd. This Clinic will be held at our Hollywood Judo Dojo.


At the Pyramid in Long Beach, after a long day of fighting, we walked away with 4 Gold and 2 Bronze medals. Three of these Gold went to first time competitors, part of Hollywood Judo’s new and upcoming talent, Armin, Ian and Matheus.

It began on Wednesday with a visit to Hollywood Judo by the Legendary Hal Sharp, 9 Dan. He shared with us not only his knowledge, but also his great stories from the History of Judo. A true gentleman and I’m absolutely planning to have him come back to see us again soon.

Over this weekend I gave my first training camp at Hollywood Dojo with an average of 20 students per class. Over 8 training hours and we covered Ne-Waza, Fitness for Judo, Nage -Waza and Competition Strategy.
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Judo Gold at Goltz

5 of my students competed in Claremont at Goltz Tournament. We came home with 4 gold medals and 1 silver. Bravo!

Judo in Barstow

Hotter than in hell, but we fought well. Aron got a Silver, Giovanni got his 3rd straight Gold in three tournaments and Gerry captured Bronze in a very tough black belt division.