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10 years ago I was part of an FDA approved Clinical trial called Hip Surface Replacement. The component put in me was made of Cobalt and Chromium. The word was that this component was going to, hopefully, be a one time surgery reserved for athletes and younger more fit people allowing them to achieve a higher level of activity. The basic idea was that the femur head was kept and capped as opposed to the traditional hip replacement where you have a stem going into your bone.
It now turns out that 10+ years later, in my case and a few others, the metal has leaked into the blood stream. An acceptable level of Chromium should be 0.2. Mine is 73.6!  Cobalt acceptable level is 1.5. Mine is 105.2! The side effects of this poisoning are listed as kidney failure, enlarged heart and nerve damage, to mention a few.
On August 26th, I am having surgery for removal and a total hip replacement made of another material less toxic. Then over time, hopefully, my body will get rid of the metal.
Over the last 3 months. I have felt very week and dizzy, short of breath and have struggled to maintain a normal life. Those close to me have noticed. I look forward to sharing more energetic times with you all in the future. I want to thank you for all your support during this difficult time.


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